Hold a Clothing Drive

Clothing drives and other special collection events are some of the best, and most fun, ways to collect clothing and shoes for Clothes To Kids of Fairfield County.

These tips will help you get started on planning a drive, but please keep in mind that every collection is different. Use the ideas that will work best for you and your group. We are happy to help at any step along the way.

Donate new and gently used clothing and shoes, and new underwear and socks

When to Hold a Drive
  • Parent teacher conferences
  • Assemblies, school plays, pep rallies, or other school events
  • Holidays and birthday parties—ask guests to bring donations instead of gifts!
  • Sporting events
  • Office parties
  • Conferences/meetings
Ways to Draw Interest
  • Creative titles will always help generate interest!
  • Make your drive a competition among departments, grades, classes clubs, sports teams, scout troops, or any other group. A friendly contest is a great way to encourage everyone to get involved. Honor the winning team with a special prize.
  • If your drive is at school, ask the Student Council, National Honor Society, or Parent Teacher Association to help promote the drive to the student body. Flyers and advertisements in school newsletters will help spread the word.
  • Posters, flyers and big collection boxes will remind people to give.
  • Designate a time frame. Single-day, 3-day, or 2-6 week drives can all be very successful. Make the drive last only as long as you think you can keep the excitement and interest high.
Hold a Focused Drive
  • New underwear and socks are always our greatest need. Host a Drop Your Drawers, Undie 500, or Sock-It to Winter drive
  • Focus on shoes with a Sole Train Shoe Drive!
  • Pick any of the items on our Accepted Items page to focus on.
Other Creative Ways to Collect
  • Get permission to sit outside a retail store (e.g. Target, Kmart, Payless, Walmart, etc.) and ask shoppers to purchase and donate items on our greatest needs list (see Accepted Items).
  • If many people will be driving in to drop off donations (e.g. at a school or event), consider setting up a drive-thru staffed with volunteers.
  • Hold a clothing swap party and donate leftover items. The “ticket” to participate could be a package of new socks or underwear!
To coordinate a drop-off, please contact our Clothing Donation Coordinator
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