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CTKF Store & General Information:  Email, (203) 595-5664, (203) 595-5665 fax

Volunteer Coordinator  Nadine Baccellieri, (203) 539-1120

Please contact Nadine for more information about volunteering. Take a look at the volunteer opportunites we can offer.  Fill out our Volunteer Survey if you’re ready to get started!

Clothing Donation Coordinator:  Carrie Franzese, (203) 357-5276

Carrie can provide more information about accepted donation items, and what our most needed items/sizes are currently.

Community Outreach CoordinatorVita Nahins, (203) 514-0167

Vita works with schools and various organization to help develop, organize, and schedule clothing drives. Contact her to get started planning! She also coordinates pick-ups and drop-offs for clothing donations. If you are a company interesting in developing volunteer opportunities for your organization, contact Vita.

Appointment Coordinator:  Christine Santana, (203) 548-0602

Please contact Christine to schedule appointments to shop in the CTKF Store. Christine speaks English and Spanish. Please include the family name and phone number in your message. Please visit How it Works to review what is required before making an appointment.

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