Who Qualifies?

A happy child shopping at Clothes To Kids of Fairfield County

Do you know a family in Fairfield County in financial need of assistance? Or a child who needs help with clothing for school? They may be eligible to receive two free wardrobes per year from Clothes To Kids of Fairfield County!

Eligibility Criteria

Families must meet the following criteria to shop at Clothes To Kids of Fairfield County:

  1. The family must live in Fairfield County, Connecticut.
  2. The children must be enrolled in a Fairfield County school, in grades K-12 or working toward earning their General Equivalency Degree (GED). **We do not serve children who are not yet in kindergarten -or- who are younger than 4-years-old, even if they are attending daycare or Headstart.
  3. The family must be considered in financial need of assistance, such as:
    • Receiving free or reduced lunch at school.
    • Receiving services from a social service agency, school or counseling center.
    • In crisis due to natural disaster, poverty, homelessness or displacement.


One of the following documents is required as a referral to shop at the CTKF Store:

  • An official notification letter showing eligibility for free and reduced price lunch through Fairfield County Schools (for the current school year)
  • letter of referral from an approved community advocate, such as:
    • A social worker or case manager employed at a local social service agency.
    • A teacher, administrator, guidance counselor or social worker at a school.
    • A pediatrician or family doctor.
    • A leader from a place of worship.

The easiest and best way to refer a child for shopping is to have the family call Clothes To Kids and tell us that they have a free or reduced lunch letter. That’s all they need! It’s really that simple!

Refer a Family

If you would like to provide a letter of referral for a family to shop at the CTKF store, please complete our Referral Form. To be valid, the referral must be:

  • printed on letterhead of the referring agency or community advocate
  • filled out completely
  • signed and dated **Letters of referral expire two months from the date of referral

Referral Form (pdf) Referral Form (Word .doc)

Additional requirements when making a referral:
  • Please refer only those families that you know firsthand, and who you know to be eligible per the eligibility criteria listed above.
  • Please include all of the requested information on the referral form for each eligible child.
  • Fax or email a copy of the referral form to CTKF. See Contact Us for details.
  • Provide the parent or guardian with the original letter of referral (printed on agency letterhead).
    • They must bring the original referral to every appointment with CTKF.
  • Notify the parent or guardian that they may be asked to provide proof of enrollment in Fairfield County Schools upon arrival at the store.

All referrals are subject to verification.


Does your family qualify? If so, it’s time to make an appointment to shop!

Learn more about how the program works.

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